Tuesday, 28. January 2020
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Recycling of precious metals has been operated for centuries because of their high value, but it was always accompanied by severe environmental pollution.

Since 1988 Wieland has converted highly toxic nitrite into nitrogen with a patented process (DE 3814819). Wieland may therefore reduce the nitric oxide emissions to <20% of the emissions limit. Even for the detoxification of highly toxic cyanide, the main component of the gold and silver baths, WIELAND has developed and patented a highly ecological process (EP No. 0655416).

It is based on the hydrolysis reaction of cyanide and is completely free of chemicals. The decomposition product ammonia is fed as a reactant in the above nitrite detoxification process. In the end two highly toxic substances create environmental friendly nitrogen.

Both methods are officially recognized as a recovery operation.


Reprocessing of precious metals residues

Precious metals residues of all kinds, such as production waste, old gold, dross, ion exchanger and spent plating baths.

Accuracy, speed and reliability are evidence of our expertise in the refining business. Modern reprocessing technologies ensure the highly efficient recovery of precious metal content like gold, silver and platinum. Our highly qualified and motivated team of employees justifies the faith in WIELAND.